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James Hart Dyke's paintings of London

Albert Memorial 2016

I have admired James Hart Dyke's work for many years. His work first came to my attention when it was included in the Sotheby's Exhibition 'The Artist and the Country House' in 1996. James trained as an architect before deciding his true path lay in painting. His early architectural grounding seems to have imbued his work with a rare understanding of how buildings are assembled, which he somehow manages to embody in his paintings.

Figurative without being timid, expressive without being self-indulgent, and with an unerring sense of composition, James's work is full of verve and impact. An exhibition, 'London: Cityscapes and interiors' is open at John Mitchell, 17 Avery Row, London W1K 4BF from the 1st - 17th November.

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